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At Coaching Right Now, our passion is developing your middle managers into great leaders. We know that middle managers are critical to your organization, but often get overlooked. That’s why we plan to bring you a fresh perspective on how to best support this important group, so they can develop their leadership skills and skyrocket your company’s business results.

Five Steps to Help You Measure the Value of Your Development Programs

Many times, we get so caught up in the “doing” of a development program — finding it, selecting it, delivering it, and managing it — that we forget to do the most important thing of all: measuring the value.

That’s fairly common, however, because measuring value or results involves a…

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  • March 15, 2019 |

If You Want to be a Strategic-Minded HR Leader, You’ve Got to be Doing This

We all know HR leaders hold a critical role in any organization. They’re the hub for all things people — the most important asset of any business.

Yet despite this, many HR professionals struggle to be seen as the truly strategic partners they are.

One reason is this: they’re not effectively demonstrating…

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  • February 4, 2019 |

Are Your Assumptions Getting in the Way of Seeing the Results You Want?

Few things are more frustrating than delegating work and watching it get done differently from how you’d asked.

In fact, it’s not only frustrating for you — it can be frustrating (and defeating) for the person you’ve delegated to as well. No one likes missing the mark, or having their…

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  • January 21, 2019 |

Not Sure if the L&D Program You’re Considering is the Right One? Here’s how to know.

It’s easy to see why leadership development programs are necessary — employees with better skills produce better results.

But often what’s not easy is feeling completely confident that the leadership development program you’re considering will make the impact you need it to.

With every leadership development program — or any new…

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  • December 21, 2018 |

Need to Deliver Better Feedback? Start with Your Mindset.

How is your company at giving on-going, effective feedback? Are your business leaders giving it as much as their employees would like (which, according to research, is often!)? Or are they mostly avoiding it?

Feedback is one of those areas that many business leaders have a love-hate relationship with. When…

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  • November 16, 2018 |
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