2021 is here – are we ready?

We’ve entered the first working week of 2021 – after a year no one will forget.

2020 brought pain, hardship, newness, honesty, and growth.

Recently, I was working through a reflection exercise and I realized I had a non-traditional start to 2020.


For me, 2020 began eating a mediocre chicken pot pie, with my son in a hospital bed about 3 feet away from me, sick with an infection in his leg. During that time, though, we began a practice of gratitude that lasted all year long. Each night, we find one thing we are thankful for in the day and tell each other. This could be something that “feels” big or something that “feels” small. It’s more about finding one thing that made the day better.


We’ve all entered into a new year and a new chapter. Many times, this time of year is filled with new resolutions and things we want to do different.


But what if we took another look at the start of this year?


What if we look back at 2020 and found 1 or 2 things that were really good that we want to keep doing in 2021? What don’t we want to fall out of habit from?


Once you’ve worked through this, what could it look like for your team or organization through a similar reflection? What are ways you worked together, adapted workflows, or practiced more kindness to each other that you want to keep going into 2021?


And, then, you get to create the space for that to continue.


About the Author:

Ashley believes that having the confidence to lead with authenticity, kindness, and courage is a key unlock in anyone's career. She doesn't take for granted working for a company that lives its values and is committed to healing the world one relationship at a time. Oh, and she happens to love leadership, coffee, running, and taking on new challenges.