How a Values-Driven Culture Inspires Teams to Stretch Their Thinking

In the midst of all of today’s disruption, as the world moves toward whatever is the next “normal,” it’s never been a more relevant time to consider how important a “coaching mindset” is. How a values-driven culture inspires teams to stretch their thinking toward effective solutions, while nurturing meaningful connection. 

Every person on our Coaching Right Now team talks about how we were all drawn to this company because of the fit and alignment of our personal values with those of the company. 

Coaching Right Now is grounded in our CAKE values (Curiosity, Authenticity, Kindness, Energy) and putting people first. “Healing the world, one relationship at a time” is the heart and soul of the work we do.

The data we collect and share shows not only the impact of our work with our clients and their business results, but also the individual lives we have touched and changed. 

When one enters the realm of leadership development, it is not to be taken lightly.  

Individual lives and the futures of individuals and companies depend upon the work we do. 

The companies we work with, and strive to work with, share our values. Those companies put people first and are purpose driven. They’re companies that contribute to the well-being of their people, their customers and the world at large – believing that when they live those values, profits will come.

And because we work in a values-driven culture, we get to keep the richness of who and what we are. Our values continue to serve us well as we seek to meet the needs of our current and future client partners during the continued Covid crisis. 

CRN inspires people to aspire – we help people dream and work to achieve their dreams. We inspire our clients to stretch their thinking and solutions for the greatest impact on their businesses and their people. 

Our clients create more connected companies that create the space for more meaningful connection and productive environments, even in our remote world. 

Those we coach get the language, ideas, practices, and new behaviors to prepare for the success they imagine for themselves as our Coaches touch more and more people’s lives.

We don’t know what the future holds. There is no crystal ball. 

Yet, I believe our journey is exciting, filled with change and new opportunities that our past and our present can help reveal to us, and our aligned values will lead us to. 

Looking to infuse a values-driven culture into your organization? Let us help! Set up a time with one of our team members to chat about how this can work for your organization.

About the Author:

Rosanna began working with Coaching Right Now in 2014, and she brings extensive experience working in global diversified industrials, small privately owned businesses and health care. A true corporate Renaissance woman, she has specialized in Human Resources, Organizational Development and Talent Management.