More than just coaches.
Proven leaders.

Diverse backgrounds. Common goals.

All our coaches have led effective business teams in the real world. They come to us from across the globe with resumes full of functional leadership experience spanning a range of industries and roles—plus at least 10 years of experience coaching manager-level employees. These are leaders who’ve been where your middle managers want to go. Each meets our high standards for talent, experience and, most importantly, culture. And we’re more than willing to seek out coaches with specific expertise and certifications as required for your program.

An emphasis on shared values.

Our coaches don’t just teach our core values. They live them. All are genuine believers in our relationship first approach to leadership and fit seamlessly within our culture. We don’t bring them on board otherwise. And we continue to hold them to that standard—monitoring participant satisfaction scores to ensure they’re providing a supportive, quality experience. Learn more about our core values and how they encourage effective leadership.

Your program’s team, built from ours.

Coach selection is one of the many ways we tailor our process to your business. You tell us what you’re looking for in a coach, and we’ll use those criteria to assemble an ideal coach roster from our global network. We present our recommendations, then you get final approval over your team.

Before we strengthen your business, we understand it.

At the outset of your program, your coach team receives special training on your program goals, learning objectives and corporate culture to ensure that their coaching aligns with your expectations. In addition, our coaches meet regularly throughout the program to review progress and share best practices.

Inspiring your managers person-to-person.

Your middle managers ultimately choose which coach team member they work with. They get to learn from someone they identify with, and whose success they respect. Choosing their own role model leads managers to be more personally invested in the program and accountable for their development. Learn more about our coaching process and how it can strengthen your organization, one manager at a time.