CRN’s virtually delivered development process follows a series of steps designed to reinforce key learning over the duration of the program.

Assessment: Meeting your managers where they are.

To properly tailor development for each manager, our process begins with a baseline individual skills assessment that can take the form of formal 360° assessments, Individual Development Plans or self-assessments. The manager and their CRN coach work together to not only understand the meaning and implications of the assessment feedback, but also to prioritize areas of concentration throughout the program—establishing mutually agreed-upon expectations and a picture of success.

Skills-building: Laying the groundwork for success.

CRN programs are designed to integrate knowledge, understanding, practice, feedback and learning around topics that are critical for middle managers’ development. These are relevant skills that will help managers to drive your business and fill your future leadership pipeline.

Development program topics include:
  • • 360˚ Assessment for Managers
  • • Transitioning to Manager
  • • Getting Things Done through Others
  • • Leading High Performing Teams
  • • Effective Communication
  • • Building Relationships
  • • Managing in a Complex Global Organization
  • • Manager as Coach

Practical application: Growth and accountability at work.

Our coaches’ primary role is to help middle managers process and apply what they’re learning. At the end of each session, managers commit to applying their learning to their daily work responsibilities—with the expectation that they will report back on the experience during their next coaching session.

Feedback: A gift that keeps on giving.

Depending on your learning objectives, our programs are tailored to include 6-9 sessions over a 6-9 month time period. At the core of each session is a safe environment where managers can share their real-life leadership challenges and concerns and then receive objective feedback from an independent third party—their CRN coach. Feedback to reinforce learning in the context of real work, done consistently over an extended time period, results in managers taking ownership of their own professional and personal growth.

A coaching program designed to end.

There’s a common belief that coaches and consultants are like barnacles—attaching themselves to clients with work, and billings, that never seems to end. Our philosophy is the exact opposite. One of our main program goals is to ultimately transition the development mentorship role to an internal partner so development can continue after our work is complete. Based on the needs of each client, we determine how best to integrate the participant’s boss, or another influential coworker, into the development program. Ideally, we integrate this individual at the beginning, middle and end of the program through communication, progress evaluations and participation in two virtual sessions (middle and end) with the coach and the participant. Our goal is for each participant and boss to form their own coaching relationship to replace CRN. Learn more about what makes the CRN approach different.