What’s good for your middle
managers is good for your business.

Personalized coaching.

You approve your coach team. But from that group, each manager will pick the individual coach they’ll be working with. This allows your managers to learn from the coach who best aligns with their personality, learning style and development goals. Learn more about our dedicated team of coaches.

Personalized development.

Our adaptive skill-development modules allow coaches to tailor development material to each manager depending on how they best learn and respond to challenges.

Personalized logistics.

We schedule all coaching sessions with a participant’s daily obligations in mind. Virtual interactions make it easy for our coaches to work around your manager’s needs.

Personalized application.

We gear development around the skills a manager needs to succeed in their work responsibilities. Then we challenge managers to apply what they’ve learned to their daily interactions. When learning is immediately relevant, growth happens fast. Learn more about our unique development process.

Accountable to their coaches.

Many of our programs have required managers to do coursework on their own, then come into their coaching session ready to discuss it. In this circumstance, having a one-on-one relationship with their coach ups the ante—if they aren’t prepared, their session is a waste. Not letting their coach down is a strong motivator to push through.

Accountable to the process.

Participation in our process requires a strong personal commitment to step outside one’s comfort zone. Managers must be open, honest, and allow themselves to fail and make mistakes before they can grow.

Accountable to themselves.

Our process is designed to make managers look inward at their own habits and behaviors. Through continuous self-assessment, they can track their progress and challenge themselves to improve. And with an emphasis on real-world application, managers must actively work on their skills to see progress. Discover why developing your middle managers is such a good investment.