Developing leaders
is a piece of CAKE™.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, building relationships is something you do every day. Everyone has relationships—with their friends, their family, even their pets. Building relationships with co-workers works the same way.
At CRN, we believe that building relationships is a piece of CAKE.


Be genuinely interested in learning about other people. Ask questions — especially “how?” and “why?” questions. Listen intently. If any answers pique your interest, ask follow-up questions.


Be yourself. Always. What’s the use in trying to be anyone else? You’ll always be most confident in your own skin, and people can typically tell if you’re faking.


Some people wear their emotions. Others bury them. But everyone has them. Deep down, we all wanted to be treated fairly, respectfully and with care. Show kindness towards everyone and distance yourself from those who don’t.


Whether you’re a person, a tree, or a desktop computer, we all need energy to function at our best. Feed your relationships by being generous, spreading enthusiasm and modeling hard work.

The CAKE Model is an integral part of our coaching philosophy. Follow it, and enjoy the sweet rewards.