8 Reasons Coaching is an Important Solution for Building a Robust Talent Pipeline

8 Reasons Coaching is an Important Solution for Building a Robust Talent Pipeline

Ask any business Leader what their most important challenge is today, and nine times out of ten they tell you it’s building a strong talent pipeline. More specifically, they are worried about keeping their emerging leaders and their future superstars.

Retaining talent has always been a critical business initiative but with millions of people reassessing their career choices, it has now become a business imperative. At a time when organizations are experiencing unprecedented events, the need to build an abundant and diverse talent pipeline is greater than ever.

There is not just one path for building your talent pipeline, yet a proven solution to growing your talent is investing in Coaching.

Here are 8 reasons why Coaching is an important and viable solution for building a robust talent pipeline:

  1. Employees Crave and Expect Development Today A Leader’s expectation of the company they work for is rising exponentially. Many Leaders expect upward mobility and an investment in their development by their company. Coaching provides individualized support to help Leaders build their skills and advance in their career.
  2. Greater Self-Awareness Numerous research studies point to a strong correlation between good leadership and strong self-awareness. Coaches spend time with Leaders probing and asking insightful questions that can enable a Leader to better understand their actions and behaviors, leading to greater self-awareness.
  3. Practical Application Coaching is a distinctive form of development. With the support and guidance of their Coach, your Leaders will identify behavior changes, incorporate them into actions, and have a Coach by their side providing feedback, reinforcement and accountability.
  4. Meet Your Leaders Anytime, Anywhere In this fast-paced world we live in, people have shorter attention spans and less time. Virtual Coaching enables your Leaders to meet via video technology, at a time and place that works for them. Ease and simplicity is a key driver to a successful Leadership Coaching approach.
  5. Customized Development Approach Each Leader’s needs are unique. One Leader may have a need to focus on building Leadership Courage and Collaboration, while another might focus on Cultivating Innovation and Effective Team building. The benefit of Coaching is that the Leader and the Coach determine specific areas that the Leader wants to develop to enhance their Leadership capabilities.
  6. Confidentiality & Objectivity Utilizing an external Coach provides many benefits, including the ability to bring a different objective perspective – outside of the framework of their organization – while maintaining confidentiality.
  7. An Investment in Your Company’s Future Coaching is a valuable short-term investment and a required long-term investment. It supports your Leaders as they navigate their current business challenges, while reinforcing and helping them build the necessary skills to tackle greater challenges as they are promoted within your organization.
  8. Your Employees Are Worth It Employee engagement studies identify that employees consider “being valued” as a significant factor for staying with an organization. Investing in your Leaders growth and development is a vital component of demonstrating to Leaders that they are an integral part of your team and a valued Leader in your organization.

When you consider where you invest your financial resources, your people need to be a high consideration. Investing in Leadership Development Coaching is a smart business practice. It achieves both current and future objectives for your organization.

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