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    Companies across America are settling into new routines and ways of working. And live training classes are landing on the list of future luxuries that will have to wait months, if not longer. L&D and HR leaders are working hard…

    March 2nd, 2021

    Can you have too many strategic Leaders?

    Good strategy can move your organization in new directions and open it to new markets and possibilities.  Bad strategy can sink your business.   So the question becomes, “Should every…

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    February 23rd, 2021

    Generosity – The Key to Unlocking Your Organizations Potential

    Working remotely for almost a year has made it challenging to keep culture consistent and growing. As a leader in your organization, you are charged with making your place “somewhere…

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    February 17th, 2021

    Looking for High Impact? The Case for Short-Term Development Programs

    At Coaching Right Now, one of the trends we’re seeing is the continued demand for shorter, issue-based development programs to help address specific leadership challenges. This 1:1 high-impact coaching is…

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    February 10th, 2021

    Human Capital Reporting – Are you Ready?

    What would your organization do without these “Core” Leaders that are the backbone and frontline of your success or failure, and what do they want/need from you? So, what do…

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    February 2nd, 2021

    Career Development One-on-Ones

    In 2020, a poll of one million workers in the US by Gallup found that leaving a bad manager was the number one reason why workers quit.   Many times, when we think of a…

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    January 26th, 2021

    Leading Through 2021 and Beyond Part 2

    In my last blog, I summarized the old story about the Chinese farmer and highlighted how agility, flexibility, and maintaining perspective are essential leadership skills in 2021 and beyond. This…

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