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We Earn Our Clients’ Long-Term Trust.

We Earn Our Clients’ Long-Term Trust.

Our clients range from mid-sized businesses to the world’s largest “Fortune 100” companies, in a wide variety of industries.

We have a 90% client retention rate (year over year), because we earn our clients’ trust as their long-term business partners.

For example, one of our “Fortune 20” clients has chosen to partner with us for the past 12 years!

We help companies gain & maintain the “Leading Edge.”

We help you achieve the “leading edge” in your industry by equipping your leaders to:

– Successfully handle major challenges
– Increase employee engagement & retain top talent
– Improve organizational effectiveness
– Skillfully adapt to changing industry dynamics
– Lead your organization to sustainable growth

We help companies thrive in all business environments.

Companies choose Coaching Right Now because we provide our clients with the long-term experience and global support they need to thrive in all business environments, including:

– Economic Uncertainty (Inflation, Recession, etc.)
– Labor Shortages & High Turnover
– Crisis Situations (Supply Chain, Pandemics, PR, etc.)
– Fierce Competition

We help you solve your biggest challenges because
we’re always current, always relevant, and always evolving.

Gain the “leading edge” in your industry & thrive in the most challenging environments.

Retaining & Motivating Top Talent

An organization's ability to build a pipeline of top talent is essential to its current and future growth and performance. Retaining and motivating top talent requires senior leaders to be well-equipped with the skills, tools, and support they need to develop, coach, mentor, and establish trust with high-potential future leaders.

Creating Diverse & Inclusive Workplaces

Creating diverse & inclusive workplaces requires the organization as a whole and each of its leaders to expand their understanding of diverse viewpoints and increase their self-awareness regarding how their actions are perceived by others. Leaders need to learn new skills that allow them to build more diverse teams, increase the contributions of all team members, and recognize behaviors and barriers to effective communication.

Increasing Employee Engagement

Increasing employee engagement significantly improves employee retention and productivity. To increase the engagement and productivity of their teams, leaders need to strengthen the essential skills of delegation, feedback, communication, and accountability. Leaders also need to be equipped to meet the challenges of maintaining engaged and productive employees in remote and hybrid work environments.

Driving Organizational Change

Driving organizational change requires leaders to rethink their approach to communicating, influencing, developing, aligning, and managing their teams. Organizations face many barriers to implementing much-needed changes, but we have the expertise and experience required to motivate organizational change in a culture-affirming and positive way.

Navigating a Crisis: Supply Chain, PR, etc.

Navigating a crisis (such as supply chain disruptions, PR issues, etc.) requires leaders to develop resiliency and think creatively and strategically to solve these challenging problems with both short-term and long-term solutions. Leaders also need to understand how to manage risk, make the decisions that will weather financial storms, and manage stakeholder relationships.

Thriving During Inflation & Recession

Organizations and their leaders face increased pressures during unfavorable economic environments, such as inflation or recession. Leaders must be agile enough to adapt to changing market conditions, accomplish results with fewer available resources, and maintain positive employee morale. We equip leaders with the skills, confidence, and extra support they need to be successful during economic uncertainty.

Why Coaching Right Now?

Our mission is:

  • “Healing the world, one relationship at a time.”
  • That’s why we do what we do.
  • That’s why we invest in understanding our clients and their culture.
  • That’s why we work hard to develop trusted long-term relationships.
  • That’s how we help all our Clients become so successful.
  • Because when you succeed—we succeed!

Why Coaching Right Now?

As told by our Founder, Bill Auerbach

The answer to this often-asked question is really quite simple: Great Relationships!

Not the latest HR trend or technology fad or whatever is being created in someone’s garage. It’s Great Relationships.

Whether at work or home, in-person or virtual, we all share a fundamental need to engage with others in mutually beneficial, supportive, and net-positive energy relationships.

That’s why I started Coaching Right Now in 2008.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Yes, I started this company at the beginning of the worst global financial meltdown in 80 years. Perhaps not the best timing.

But we succeeded and grew, and I discovered several valuable truths in the process:

  • It’s about YOU, not me.
  • Anyone who wants to change, can change—if given the right tools, skills, and support.
  • If we’re not consistently focused on staying relevant to the world around us, we’ll soon become irrelevant.
  • Create space that allows people to grow.
  • Good leaders create environments where employees want to give more.
  • More heads are better than fewer heads—no matter how “smart” the heads.
  • It’s all about relationships.