Jeff Hayden, Head of Technology

What does Coaching Right Now do?

Coaching Right Now is a leadership development organization that focuses on helping clients achieve better business results through their leaders. Whether your organization’s leadership development programs are in their infancy or very well-defined, we work with you to advance them to the next level. We offer a wide variety of leadership development solutions, assessments, coaching, skill building, business advisory, and consulting services to support your talent planning and organizational needs. We’re experienced working with every type and level of leadership coaching (1:1, group, cohort, individual, executive, new leaders, etc.). Every program and service we provide is individually tailored and customized to meet our client’s specific goals and requirements.

What are the benefits of coaching and leadership development? Does coaching work?

Coaching is a personalized and highly effective way to develop better leaders because it equips them with the skills, confidence, tools, and support system they need to be successful. It also increases leaders’ self-awareness and identifies their leadership strengths and opportunities. It focuses on helping leaders learn, practice, and master essential skills. Coaching puts the framework in place for a leader’s lifelong commitment to self-development and helps identify the people and resources who can support them on their development journey. The ROI results from coaching are significant, measurable, and observable.

Why is coaching a great solution for developing better leaders?

Coaching provides a flexible, individualized way to help leaders develop. It identifies skill gaps through assessments, self-reflection, and coaching. Focused and measurable development plans are individually designed to close each leader’s skill gaps. This allows your leaders to gain the skills and confidence they need to lead more effectively. Experienced coaches with many years of relevant business experience are a valuable resource to leaders, serving as an objective, external sounding board and offering them better tools, new perspectives, and highly practical and actionable advice. Coaching reinforces the skills, new behaviors, and areas of improvement until leaders are operating at a higher level on a daily basis. Coaches encourage and support your leaders by providing an empathetic ear and safe practice partner, while at the same time, creating an environment of accountability to reach each goal.

What’s the difference between Training and Coaching? Which is more effective?

Training is well-suited for learning new skills and is usually taught in a group because its one-to-many approach is an efficient way to communicate an approach, demonstrate a skill, and create enthusiasm. Studies have shown, however, that very little sustainable change occurs with training alone. That’s why we never offer training events alone. They are always accompanied with either group or one-on-one coaching, or a combination of both, to create accountability and application of the new learning.

How do you measure the effectiveness and results of leadership development programs?

During the design phase, Coaching Right Now identifies Program Success Measures and key analytics that will deliver the outcomes our clients want to achieve, such as reduction in turnover, promotion readiness, increased employee engagement, improved productivity, or other defined metrics. We also establish Progress Milestone Measures and gather and report timely feedback from participants and their managers. We create fully customized reports for our clients that provide meaningful metrics, important business insights, and a deep analysis of your leadership development needs. These analytics help businesses measure the value of their investments over time and make better-informed business decisions.

What qualifications do your coaches have? What is the profile of your coach pool?

Coaching Right Now offers exceptional depth, breadth, and qualifications of coaches and coaching talent. All our coaches have at least 10+ years of coaching experience with excellent references. Our coaches also average 20+ years of relevant business experience, including leadership positions at the C-Suite, EVP, SVP, CHRO, VP, Director, or Manager level. Many of our coaches have earned PhDs or Master’s degrees and hold multiple and advanced official coaching certifications. We prioritize building a coaching team with a wide diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, languages, functional expertise, geographic locations, cultural perspectives, and business industry experience to meet our client’s many unique and diverse requirements. We are continuously vetting and recruiting highly qualified new coaches to expand our global coaching team and guiding them through a series of additional trainings that best meet the specific needs of our clients.

What assessment tools do you use?

We partner with our clients to select the assessments that best meet their needs. Our team has experience working with most of the commonly available assessments in the market, including self-assessments and multi-rater assessments. We also work with the assessments already in use by our clients. When appropriate, we develop custom-designed assessments to our client’s exact specifications.

What are some of the common issues that Coaching Right Now helps clients?

Coaching Right Now’s work with clients is as varied and unique as our clients themselves. We frequently receive client requests in the following areas:

  • Preparing leaders for promotion
  • Increasing team effectiveness
  • Improving communication and constructive feedback
  • Creating healthy cultures and high-functioning teams
  • Defining and mapping leadership competencies to a custom assessment tool
  • Reinforcing client training initiatives
  • Improving interpersonal skills
  • New manager development
  • Succession planning
  • Manager coaching skills
  • Talent management strategies