Leadership Coaching During Transition: What Your Leaders Need to Help Them Thrive

Having expert guidance during critical junctures of a Leader’s career can accelerate their skill building and deepen their learning.

The times we find this support most helpful for Leaders is during times of transition.


This includes:

  • Moving from IC to Manager
  • In conjunction with an increase in job scope
  • Overseeing a new team or function
  • Moving into a new international assignment
  • Going through an organizational change
  • Getting a new boss
  • Returning from a leave of absence
  • Moving into a virtual work environment or returning to the office


Here’s how coaching through transitions has impacted two key Leaders:

“My coach helped me through a period of time in which I needed it the most. My team had grown from a size of 2 to over 150 in a span of 5 years and it gave me a great perspective to have someone to listen and help me through a transitional stage of my team. She fully understood the challenge and had really good ideas, knowledge and experience to bring into our conversations; as well as data to show for it.”

“I was going through a major life transition (having a baby) so it was very helpful heading into my maternity leave and after I returned to work to talk through my challenges with my coach.”


IC to Manager Leap

Let’s look at one of the transitions that is most formative in a career: transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager role. If you manage a team today, take a minute to think back to that first people leadership role you accepted.

  • What type of support did you receive?
  • Were you lucky enough to receive comprehensive training that provided you guidance on the critical aspects of your job?
  • Did you work for a manager who made her/himself available to answer questions as they arose?
  • And did you have someone that served as a safe haven to ask those questions that you thought you “should” have the answers to?


We at CRN enjoy hearing the success stories that come from our Coaches working with newly promoted managers.

“I just thought the coaching was terrific. It helped me tremendously in making the transition from individual contributor to manager. I was also ready to make that transition, personally, so it met me at the right time.”

Timing the development needs of a newly promoted manager with the confidence boost of a seasoned leadership Coach can provide not only immediate returns to get up and running, but set up habits and strategic thinking that will pay continued dividends in one’s career.

Ask us about our Igniting Change program, and help ensure your organization’s next generation of leadership is ready to help your company thrive.


About the Author:

Kelly works with L&D, HR, and corporate university leaders to develop scalable coaching programs for leaders around the world. She has had the opportunity to leverage her background in organizational development, executive coaching, performance consulting, and change management to build programs that fit the company culture.