Unlocking Potential in Your Female Leaders

Unlocking Potential in Your Female Leaders

Innovative organizations are focusing on becoming more inclusive, and Women’s Leadership Initiatives help them get there.


By focusing on unlocking the impact of female leaders, organizations experience:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater teamwork and collaboration
  • Improved conflict resolution, leading to lasting change

In our experience of partnering with leading brands and executive education programs, we’ve run an array of different programs that develop women leaders. All of these programs have included 1:1 coaching and developmental support.

The organizations with the most success take a more robust approach, including some of the following components:

  • Leadership brand and identity
  • Internal mentor partnerships
  • Sponsorship of a major organizational initiative, led by the women in the initiative\
  • Personality and 360 feedback assessments and debrief
  • Skill development for having tough conversations
  • Application of a Coaching Mindset to your leadership

Across all of these programs, 100% of the women:

  • See an increase in leadership confidence and courage
  • Take a more reflective and strategic leadership approach
  • Have more clear communication, leading to higher performing teams

One woman even said …

“I’ve told many of my colleagues that this is the best corporate learning experience I’ve participated in during my career. This was a trusting environment and we were able to explore topics that are not always easy to discuss.”


So how will you start?

Identify what kind of initiative you want to start and what success will look like in the end. You don’t have to have a huge budget either – consider starting a pilot for 5 or 10 of your key women, and learn from that.



Establish how you’ll measure the initiative’s success. All leadership development has an ROI – check out some best practices in crafting your ROI and measurement strategy here.



Find the right partner to help you implement this initiative. If you don’t have internal resources you can leverage, one of our team members would be happy to share how we’ve partnered with companies.”



Investing in the leadership development of your women leaders is a way to ignite the change that your team and customers want!


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