Cultural, Organizational, and Structural Change with Individual Behavior Change
Semiconductor Manufacturer

Cultural, Organizational, and Structural Change with Individual Behavior Change
Semiconductor Manufacturer

The Merger of Two Teams:

From Friction to High Function

Coaching Right Now helped a leading American microchip manufacturer in the semiconductor industry become merger-ready by coaching and developing its senior leaders and working with them to build high-performing teams.

The challenge:

Our client’s organizational restructuring created a new centralized product group by combining its marketing and engineering teams.

The senior executive responsible for leading the new product group recognized points of friction between the two teams, that if left unchecked, would undermine performance and deteriorate into a negative team culture.

The Coaching Right Now solution:

We worked directly with the senior executive to design a program to achieve both individual development and team development goals.

Using specialized assessments and tools, in both one-on-one and group coaching sessions, the program increased each team member’s self-awareness and understanding of other team members. It also created a positive space that facilitated positive ongoing conversations and recognized each individual’s contribution to the team.

An investment in powerful results.

To ensure ongoing group success, Coaching Right Now also provided the product group leader with one-on-one executive-level coaching to support and equip him in his important new leadership role.

We helped him identify his personal leadership style and understand how it affected others. We also worked with him to develop practical ways to bring out the best in his employees and better meet the needs of his newly formed team.

Strong results. Positive feedback.

Coaching Right Now’s teambuilding and leadership development program achieved such successful results that several other senior-level executives within the company requested similar programs for themselves and their teams.

The company’s top executive reported that Coaching Right Now’s work:

improved the
company’s overall

company’s ability
to motivate and
retain top talent

Helped prepare
company for a
large-scale merger

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