Culture Change and Talent Development
Global Luxury Retailer

Culture Change and Talent Development
Global Luxury Retailer

Coaching Right Now develops global leaders
and relieves HR leaders’ heavy workloads.

The challenge:

Our client is a well-known, high-end retailer with a vast network of 1,500 employees working in 46 countries.

The retailer had recently redesigned their Management Development Program (MDP), but they needed new elements to increase the program’s sustainability and achieve greater cultural impact.

The Coaching Right Now solution:

We designed a coaching program to reinforce the learnings from the MDP and also focus on the individual development needs of each manager as identified in the client’s 360 assessment.

The primary focus was increasing Participant’s confidence in their roles, increasing their ability to lead and motivate teams, communicate effectively, delegate, and build and leverage relationships.

An investment in powerful results.

Over a period of 4 years, Coaching Right Now improved the leadership capabilities of 115 globally based Participants.

In addition, we provided the company with valuable cultural insights and trends for each of their international regions and business groups. These metrics allowed the retailer to more strategically target and plan their future development actions.

Strong results. Positive feedback.

“Coaching Right Now makes my job easier by offering a service that provides a lot of the tools I need to give supportive development to my employees. They take so much hard work off my plate. I don’t have to do any of the reporting. I don’t have to assess the candidates. I don’t have to pair them with Coaches. It’s sort of a one-stop shop for coaching that takes a lot of the burden off of the HR professional.” – Head of Learning & Development

115+ global participants
improved their
leadership capabilities


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