Improved Business Results
Health Care Diagnostic Services

Improved Business Results
Health Care Diagnostic Services

Absenteeism decreased 36%,
saving company more than $500,000.

The challenge:

High rates of absenteeism and first-year employee turnover at the client’s call/data center were reducing customer service levels below expectations, creating poor employee morale, and resulting in cost overruns in recruiting and training. These negative results were causing high levels of stress and burnout among supervisors and managers.

The Coaching Right Now solution:

We worked with our client’s call/data center team to design a six-month program for approximately 70 supervisors, managers, and directors to significantly improve these scorecard measures.

Onsite focus groups identified the areas that most needed to be improved, which included building a team, inspiring reps, building confidence, holding reps accountable, time management, setting priorities, collaboration, and influencing. Because of the individualized nature of coaching, the Coaching team was able to focus on their Participant’s skills, issues, and development needs to deliver strong team results.

An investment in powerful results.

During the six-month program and the subsequent three months, absenteeism decreased 36% and voluntary turnover decreased 41%, resulting in more than $500,000 in savings (paying for itself 4.5 times).

In addition, there were improvements in all four scorecard measures, most notably a 15% reduction in average speed to answer calls.

Strong results. Positive feedback.

After completing our work with the initial call/data center, executives from three other departments requested Coaching Right Now to run the same program for their teams (100+ employees). In addition, the sponsoring executive asked to receive personal executive coaching after seeing the benefit his team members received from it.

“My supervisors have come a long way and I can see they are working more as a team rather than as individuals.” – Team Manager

“I appreciate the investment in my personal growth and development. The coaching sessions couldn’t have come at a better time.” – Supervisor

Absenteeism decreased
36% in 9 months for a
savings of $518,000.*

Voluntary turnover
decreased 41%
(vs. previous average)

15% reduction in average
time to answer calls.


*Unscheduled absenteeism costs employers an average of $3,600 per year for each hourly worker. $518,000 savings calculated based on 400 call center Participants. Coaching Right Now’s program was the primary component of the company’s initiative to reduce employee absenteeism. (Source: “Absenteeism: The Bottom-Line Killer,” a Circadian report).


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