Filling the Leadership Pipeline

Developing strong leaders to support high growth.


Coaching Right Now Case Study © TopLine Communication 2017 Filling the leadership pipeline. Developing strong leaders to support high growth. The problem: A national big-box retailer identified multi-level leadership development as critical to continued high growth. The Coaching Right Now solution: Managers and directors across multiple geographies and field functions participated in a 360° assessment followed by a six-month program consisting of one-on-one virtual coaching. Program goals: – Creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for each participant. – Increasing leadership performance through the execution of their IDP – Actively engaging bosses and HR business partners throughout the learning process. 30% of the participants were promoted within one year of completing the program. An investment in powerful results. “The CRN program is a cost-effective and impactful solution to developing our middle management bench. In the past few years, it has gone from proof of concept to a core part of our development strategy, resulting in better performance, promotional readiness, and successful transitions to higher roles.” – HR Business PartnerCoaching Right Now Case Study © TopLine Communication 2017 Filling the leadership pipeline. A multi-year process of developing the middle. Strong results. Positive feedback. From Participants: 4.8/5 This program helped me take action on my IDP. 4.6/5 I applied learnings to my everyday work behavior. From Their Managers: 4.2/5 My employee has benefitted from this development experience. 4.0/5 My employee has made progress against their development plan. Scale: 1 = Strongly Disagree 5 = Strongly Agree “This may have been the best use of my time in Business!” – Participant “Now that I know my employee’s specific focus areas, I will be able to help him find opportunities and position him to take action.” – Manager The participant’s manager noted increased performance in the following areas: - Time management - Coaching and developing direct reports - Developing teams and people - Delegation and organizational agility. See how developing the middle can put your business on top. Contact us today. Judy Sandiford (312) 620-2017 ext. 1711 or for more information visit © TopLine Communication 2017


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