Your development goals.
Our extended reach.

Many fast-growing companies simply don’t have the internal resources to properly develop their middle managers. Our process is designed to expand your reach within your company.


Our process is designed to expand your reach within your company.

Your program, your way.

Your CRN program is tailored to quickly fill your middle managers’ skill gaps. We work with you to define your learning objectives and metrics. We learn about your culture and screen coaches for your program based on your specific criteria. And if you require qualifications that aren’t present in our current coach pool, we recruit additional coaches. We believe in choice. It’s what people expect when making an important decisions. In that spirit, you approve your final coach team, and each manager chooses from that team the individual coach they’ll be working with during the program. Learn more about our tailored development process.

A team of coaches (not a coach broker).

Our global network of professional coaches offers a wide array of diverse backgrounds, education, certifications and experience. The one constant? All CRN coaches have been leaders themselves, and they bring that experience to each interaction with your managers. You select your coach team from a group we’ve assembled to match your stated criteria. Then your coach team is trained about your culture, objectives and success metrics. Like any good team, they collaborate behind the scenes to share best practices and adapt to changing conditions. Coaches also receive feedback to improve their performance throughout the program. Learn more about our dedicated team of coaches.

Logistics: done.

You set the objectives and metrics, identify participants and approve your coach team. We do the rest. From pre communication context setting with managers, their bosses, and other key internal stakeholders to registration, scheduling, sending reminders, rescheduling and more. We even handle troubleshooting. CRN has the resources to keep your program running smoothly from start to finish.

Constant communication.

We engage middle managers, their bosses and company HR contacts to make sure everyone knows what to expect, and what’s expected of them. By sending out session reminders, regular progress reports and feedback summaries, we make it easy for everyone in your organization to stay on top of their role in the program.

Manage what’s measured.

It’s been said that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. We want to be held accountable to the metrics you value most. Each manager has several sessions with their coach over several months. Multiply that by the number of program participants, and our program brings to light a rich real time picture of the needs, challenges and progress of your middle managers. We share this story with you in the form of a detailed report—providing quantitative and qualitative data with our analysis and recommendations. Check out our case studies to see real CRN results.