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we focus on the middle2

We’re focused on the managers in the middle.

Middle managers are important. They have the most consistent contact with your front line employees. They’re responsible for implementing your strategy and making the everyday decisions that affect customer loyalty and profitability. Middle managers should be at the front of your future leaders pipeline. Yet most organizations invest primarily in developing the entry level and top level. That’s why we focus on the real core of your organization—the middle.

Individual development. Relevant experience.

One-on-one coaching lets us focus development around each manager’s daily leadership responsibilities and challenges. We meet each participant exactly where they are in skill level and learning style. And with learning applied at work, managers see real results—and so does your business. In short, we foster development with a lasting impact.

Development scaled to your business.

We’re completely virtual. Many of your teams probably are, too. Using virtual technology lets us address the needs of each manager as an individual and each company as a whole. No matter where each coach or manager is on the globe, every interaction happens one-on-one, live and in real time. And whether you’re a company of 20 or 2,000, our virtual model lets us quickly scale our program to a size that fits your reality.

We believe in reinforcement, reinforcement

and more reinforcement.

Real development happens over a sustained period of time. Reinforcement shouldn’t be an add-on to a learning event—it should be the core principle of development designed to last and make a difference. Learning with a coach at regular intervals over several months results in personal accountability, accelerated learning, increased confidence and better decision making.