Two important reasons
to put the middle first.

Is the flow between your strategy and execution being choked off by ineffective middle managers?


It’s good business.

Middle managers aren’t the most visible members of your organization, but they’re arguably the most important. As the immediate supervisors of the people on the ground, middle managers have the most direct input on day-to-day oversight and decision-making.

All the daily actions made at the middle add up to a lot. The challenges they face every day have a direct impact on your customer satisfaction, employee morale and bottom-line results.

Fully developed middle managers are better decision makers. They’re able to think broadly and are more effective collaborators. They’re better at communicating with, and motivating, their teams. They implement your business strategy successfully instead of choking it off.

Middle managers are expected to be leaders in your organization. Preparing them to lead is one of the soundest investments you can make. Learn how our process is tailored to benefit your business.

It’s personal.

It’s not easy being a middle manager. Most get promoted because they were good at a job that required them to be technical, analytical, and process-oriented. Yet they quickly find out that succeeding in a mid-level role requires a completely different skill set.

Soft skills—including flexibility, perspective, political savvy and emotional intelligence—are essential, but likely haven’t been part of their training up to this point. Combine this lack of preparedness with increased responsibility, and you’ve got one stressed out leader. The risk of burnout rises steeply. Throw in a fuzzy view of the manager’s career advancement prospects and you’re looking at increased turnover—which often lead to decreased profits. Developed middle mangers show greater confidence and higher job satisfaction. So do their teams. Invest in developing your middle managers, and the ROI is clear. Discover how working with CRN can set your managers up for success.