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    Core Leaders

    We think the best people to learn from create the space where others choose to do their best. These people used to be called middle managers. We call them Core Leaders.

    They have a different name because their role is different. In the past, middle managers made sure team members met company expectations. But today there are expectations on both sides that need to be addressed. And there’s nothing middle-anything about that role.

    Investing in Core Leaders

    Just like a human body is supported by a strong core, this is true of businesses. And helping you engage and develop your Core Leaders is one of the reasons we’re here.

    Force Multipliers
    Force Multipliers

    Core Leaders create a powerful ripple effect to cascade positive change through the company.

    Committed to Growth
    Committed to Growth

    Core Leaders believe there is always something they can learn and are committed to the journey.

    Inspire Growth Mindset
    Inspire Growth Mindset

    Core Leaders directly push others to have a growth mindset because they create the space for them to do so. 

    Inspire Engagement
    Inspire Engagement

    Core Leaders are the people in your organization who inspire people to say, “I work here because I get to work with you”.

    Core Leaders = Force

    Core Leaders are the people who, like a good team captain, are able to recognize others’ talents, galvanize the group, and lead the way. Because they are performing right along with the rest of the team, Core Leaders are the best people to teach, work with, and fire up fellow workers.

    The strength to succeed must come from within

    Putting your energy, resources, and money into developing your Core Leaders is one of the most efficient and effective ways to navigate your way through growth, change, and disruption.


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