Boost the Energy and Confidence Of Your Leaders With Coaching

Boost the Energy and Confidence Of Your Leaders With Coaching

It’s hard to find ways to boost the energy and confidence of your leaders, particularly as we continue to fight through crisis fatigue. Account Executive, Kelly Leatherwood, writes of the experience coaching participants have shared with her, and how they report boosts in their confidence in leadership after each session.

 Don’t you just love working with people who always seem to energize you? Perhaps it’s the colleague who amplifies that tiny little sliver you have left at the end of the day and helps you push through to the next phase of the project. Or as you show up to a virtual meeting and scan the squares of faces, you break out into a smile because you know the ally in the lower left is always one to skillfully navigate the thorny topics and keep the conversation moving in a positive way.

One of the roles we see reflected in our CRN Coaches is this idea of energizing others. In fact, as we design coaching programs and consider the culture of a client organization, energy is one of the principal considerations we use to put together the ideal Coach team to maximize the impact of the coaching partnership.

When we ask our Participants to tell us about their experience working with their Coach, we get responses like:

“My Coach was so engaging, validating my thoughts, guiding me to my decisions and then suggesting additions. I felt fully supported and, somehow, never rushed despite time constraints. She has so much energy and encouragement, I truly looked forward to my next sessions just to enjoy her company which, on its own, fueled me to think different.”

“I genuinely felt that my Coach listened to the areas I needed and wanted her support with. She always remembered the past conversation and tied them to the current one. She stayed with our commitment of me leaving with actionables after each section, which I loved. She also had wonderful energy and allowed us to match perfectly regardless of the time of day.”

“My Coach just has an awesome energy.”

Reflecting Energy

It’s in my nature to be skeptical when I hear a piece of advice that sounds counterintuitive. For example, “Exercising can increase your energy level.” And yet, most every time I do a yoga session or go on a hike, I feel better at the end than I did at the beginning — mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Similarly, we often hear from our participants that it’s incredibly difficult to protect time on the calendar to meet with a Coach. When crises arise, it’s often the external meetings that get squeezed out and need to be rescheduled. However, some Leaders have discovered that time with their Coach is a secret weapon, providing space to take a deep breath, focus on the critical outcomes, think clearly, and prioritize actions. It’s not the least important meeting on the calendar that day, it’s one of the most important.

“After each session with (my Coach), I came out of it with great energy and an eagerness to work on my personal development.”

“It helped me to refocus my thought process and energy in one direction. How to be more effective in team meetings. Prioritizing the work.”

“My Coach did a wonderful job of helping me navigate the feedback. He helped redirect my energy when the feedback was not what I was expecting.”

We also see comments about the longer-term impacts of coaching programs:

“(My Coach) understood what gave me energy, and what took it away – and how to best work with that knowledge to provide myself with a strong foundation as a leader and continue to grow in a way that is motivating and fulfilling.”

“I started to invest more time envisioning compelling outcomes before even starting a new project or meeting. This habit that my Coach shared with me worked really well and made a positive impact on my confidence and energy level.”

“The program allowed me to refocus my energy and think around ways to improve my working relationships.”

Our Coaches have an amazing knack for making leaders feel stronger, more confident, and a little brighter after a coaching session. They can encourage reflection and magnify the kernels of positive thinking, often posing a powerful question, providing a useful resource, or offering non-judgmental perspective or on a situation.

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