How to Get the Biggest Learning and Development Bang for Your Buck

With a limited learning and development budget, and a strong desire to invest in your people – how do you get the biggest bang for your buck?


This week in The Learning Lab, your host, Judy Sandiford, talks with Coaching Right Now Account Executive, Shannon Goodwin, to answer this question that needles at many leadership and development stakeholders.

Listen in to find out where your dollars will have the most impact, and find out why Shannon believes that Training + Coaching = a magic bullet for helping Leaders. “Coaching,” she says, “brings so much to the table, in terms of lessening that learning curve for freshly minted managers.”

“We see this all the time,” Shannon continues, “people who are high performers in their job are promoted to manager, which is a new skill set, and they aren’t equipped with the development and the support they need as they develop that skill set. It can have a detrimental effect.”

Want to find out more about investing in your Core Leaders with Coaching? Schedule a quick chat with our colleague, Jim, who can tell you how Coaching can help your organization.

About the Author:

At Coaching Right Now, we partner with organizations to prepare Core Leaders to navigate through growth, disruption, or change. We align with your organizational leadership development initiatives to extend the reach of your team. We provide tailored coaching programs, aligned with your organizational values, and integrated with your success measures. How are we different from other coaching programs? Our Team is trained in alignment with the values and culture of your company, ensuring a fully integrated coaching experience for your Leaders.