Having conversations that deliver results

Having conversations that deliver results

It’s no secret that one of the most important skills is being a great communicator. It’s the way that Core Leaders rally the troops, inspire action, create buy-in, and really listen to what their team members need.

Today, many leaders are promoted because they have been very skilled in their technical work. But what about developing the skills they need to connect with their team members, inspire engagement, and develop high performing teams?

This challenge is exactly where our Fortune 100 client found themselves as they learned that they were losing some great talent because those employees did not feel as appreciated by, or connected to, their Managers.

The Challenge: A global Fortune 100 company needed to address the decline in employee satisfaction results, and specifically the relationship between Core Leaders and their team members.

Coaching Right Now Solution: Over 3+ years, over 4,000+ global managers received scalable training on a customized framework for the organization, and 3 hours of tailored 1:1 virtual coaching to apply the framework to give more effective feedback and have better career and development conversations with their teams


Strong results. Positive feedback.


“I feel much more confident and equipped to handle a variety of difficult conversations, and while I have by no means perfected this skill, I am able to now recognize when I haven’t asked a question or am not listening.” – Program Participant


“I learned techniques for asking the tough questions in a less confrontational way and use the model to gain a more comprehensive view of the issue before acting.” – Program Participant

“It gave me the inspiration to challenge my style of communication and become a better and more active listener.”

– Program Participant

“This is my first professional coaching experience in a 30-year career. What took me so long?!”

– Program Participant

This Fortune 100 brand saved over 5x the cost of the program in the increase in team productivity alone. And that was in addition to the savings brought by employee engagement and retention. Improving conversations around expectations, results, and developing skills to really listen and understand the teams perspective is incredibly impactful on an organizations bottom line.

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