Raising the level of conversations with employees

One-on-one leadership coaching delivered to over 4000 middle managers across the globe.


Raising the level of conversations with employees. One-on-one leadership coaching delivered to over 4000 middle managers across the globe. The problem: A global technology company needed to address the steep decline in employee satisfaction results, specifically, the relationship between managers and their employees. The Coaching Right Now solution: Over multiple years, 4,000+ global managers received six months of external virtual, coaching focused on having better performance, career and development conversations with their employees. Program goals included: – Increase the impact of communication they are having with their direct reports, peers, and bosses – Build skills to engage in effective formal and informal communications – Gain confidence in their ability to get things done through others 4.5/5 As a result of this experience, I feel better equipped to have impactful conversations. 4.6/5 The experience was a valuable use of my time. Scale: 1 = Strongly Disagree 5 = Strongly AgreeRaising the level of conversations with employees. More connected conversations, more engaged teams.Strong results. Positive feedback. “I feel much more confident and equipped to handle a variety of difficult conversations, and while I have by no means perfected this skill, I am able to now recognize when I haven’t asked a question or am not listening.” – Participant “I learned techniques for asking the tough questions in a less confrontational way and use the model to gain a more comprehensive view of the issue before acting.” – Participant “I now have a great foundation to organize my conversations. I will now ask “what” questions instead of “why” questions. I have a different perspective on how I listen to others, and what to listen for.” – Participant “It gave me the inspiration to challenge my style of communication and become a better and more active listener.” – Participant “This is my first professional coaching experience in a 30-year career. What took me so long?!” – Participant See how developing the middle can put your business on top. Contact us today. Judy Sandiford (312) 620-2017 ext. 1711 or for more information visit © TopLine Communication 2017


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