Becoming a Trusted Business Advisor in a Top 10 Global Accounting Firm

Becoming a Trusted Business Advisor in a Top 10 Global Accounting Firm

Client satisfaction, succession planning, tax reform, Brexit, and AI taking over jobs that people have done in the past are just a few of the things that are top of mind for leaders in the finance world today.

Many Financial Leaders, like our clients, are wondering:

  • How do we stay ahead of the curve?
  • How do we provide greater client satisfaction?
  • What will our world continue to look like with Brexit and AI?

We partnered with a leading Accounting Firm to develop the Core Leaders of newly promoted Directors.

The problem: Newly-promoted Directors needed a way to learn and apply new client skills if they were to grow to the next level of firm partner. The client determined that implementing a standardized relationship-building process across the firm would be vital to its future success but they needed a way to make it practical and real for each Director.

The Coaching Right Now solution: Recently promoted Directors across several regions were nominated to participate in a Coaching Right Now virtual coaching program focused on Building Effective Client Relationships and working to apply the framework that was rolled out internally.

An investment in lasting change.

“I was able to exceed new business growth goals due primarily to maintaining and strengthening current relationships with a prospect client and a current client based off of skills I developed during my coaching sessions.”

– Program Participant

Investing in leadership development pays off for everyone.


After the 2nd and 7th session, Participants rated their ability in key focus areas. As a result of coaching, Participants reported an increase in their ability across all key areas.


Investing in leaders during critical career transitions to help them develop skills to be successful at the next level is a smart way to continue to support Leaders and your organization’s bottom line.



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