Developing Core Leaders to Support High Growth

Developing Core Leaders to Support High Growth

We all want to be able to support the growth of business with strong leaders. Sometimes, it can seem like that takes a lot of time.

National Retailers are experiencing great disruption right now as they look at how to pivot their business, while still providing multi-level leadership development.

Coaching Right Now partnered with an exclusive national big-box retailer to provide that development.

The challenge:

A national big-box retailer identified multi-level leadership development as critical to continued high growth.

The Coaching Right Now solution:

Hundreds of Core Leaders, including Managers and Directors across multiple geographies and field functions, participated in an 360° assessment tailored to their culture, followed by six months of one-on-one virtual coaching.

An investment in powerful results.

“The CRN program is a cost-effective and impactful solution to developing our middle management bench. In the past few years, it has gone from proof of concept to a core part of our development strategy, resulting in better performance, promotional readiness, and successful transitions to higher roles.” – HR Business Partner.

Strong results. Positive feedback.

“This may have been the best use of my time in Business!” – Program Participant

“Now that I know my employee’s specific focus areas, I will be able to help him find opportunities and position him to take action.” – Manager of Participant in Program

Participants’ managers noted an increase in performance in the following areas: time management, coaching and developing direct reports, developing teams and people, and delegation and organizational agility.

This national retailer continues to support Core Leaders through coaching to develop a deeper talent pipeline for promotional readiness and have more successful transitions to higher roles.

From Participants:

30% of the participants
were promoted within
one year of completing
the program.

4.8/5 This program helped me take action on my IDP.

4.6/5 I applied learnings to my everyday work behavior.

From Their Managers:

4.2/5 My employee has benefitted from this
development experience.

4.0/5 My employee has made progress against their
development plan.

Scale: 1 = Strongly Disagree 5 = Strongly Agree


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