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Coaching Right Now Case Study © TopLine Communication 2017 Improving business results in call centers. Customer service reps get better bosses. The problem: Front line and middle leaders for call center and home based customer service reps lacked effective leadership skills, which contributed to a negative impact on employee morale and key business metrics. The Coaching Right Now solution: Over 200 supervisors, managers and directors received one on one, virtual coaching over a six month period. Program goals included: - Reduced absenteeism and voluntary attrition - Improved time management skills - Improved influencing skills - Improved team building The bottom line: Investing in your leadership team will improve your bottom line. 88% Improvement Improving leadership skills: practice builds confidence. By the program’s conclusion, 88% of participants felt they’d improved across all target skill areas. A positive impact. A positive response. We asked managers and supervisors to rate the following statements on a 5-point scale (with 5 being “Strongly Agree). 4.5/5 “This investment in my development has made me feel more confident about my role.” 4.4/5 “I feel this experience has been a valuable use of my time.” An investment in lasting change. “Coaching Right Now has helped us impact our business results through developing our supervisors and managers. They are now thinking differently and have become higher performing. Essentially, this program ends up paying for itself…if not more. I found it very helpful.” - HR Business PartnerCoaching Right Now Case Study © TopLine Communication 2017 Improving business results in call centers. Building leadership skills to boost results. 36% Reduction Direct reports more likely to show up. The call center reduced absenteeism by 36% over the duration of the program, creating an estimated savings of $518,000, paying for itself 4.5 times.* 41% Reduction Reduced attrition: the revolving door stops here. Over the course of the program, voluntary turnover at the call center decreased by 41% compared to the previous average. Increased call efficiency, improved customer satisfaction. *According to Absenteeism: The Bottom-Line Killer, a publication of Circadian, unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $3,600/year for each hourly worker. Savings calculated based on a call center of 400 people. The CRN program was part of a larger initiative, but an integral piece of the focus on absenteeism. Program Target: 35.0. Average Speed of Answer (in seconds) Prior to the CRN Program: 61.0 At the end of the CRN Program: 29.5 Improvement: -31.5. Capture Rate 94.7%-Prior to the CRN Program. 95.4%-At the end of the CRN Program. Call Quality 94.71%-Prior to the CRN Program. 98.5%-At the end of the CRN Program. First Call Resolution 91.2%-Prior to the CRN Program. 91.6%-At the end of the CRN Program. See how developing the middle can put your business on top. Contact us today. Judy Sandiford (312) 620-2017 ext. 1711 or for more information visit © TopLine Communication 2017


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